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Eibye Consultancy was started in 2009 by Flemming Eibye. Since then, the company has expanded to today employ 4 engineers, 1 technical designer, 1 receptionist and 1 student.

CONCEPT Eibye Consulting will help property owners maintain and develop their properties so that they match the demands and standards of the time.

Eibye Consultancy will assist and advise its customers in connection with planning, design and management tasks within construction and construction. Eibye Consultancy seeks to create solutions that at least last as long as the construction financing runs.

fulfillment of the Eibye Consulting business idea and mission is done by:

Technologically well-educated and committed employees who prepare qualified solutions to technological problems.
A customer-focused attitude externally and internally within the company.
A quality assurance of the services provided.
An ongoing improvement process.
A management that takes the lead and participates actively in the exercise of the company’s operations with the starting point in requirements for itself about service, credibility and competence.

Eibye Consultancy acts as an advisor, independent of production interests, and without ownership interests outside the internal advisory group in the company.

It is thus the company’s idea to preserve and safeguard a credibility as advisors with consequent demands on ourselves regarding “transparency” in customer relationships and other business matters.
Eibye Consulting has established quality goals and policies. The quality objective is expressed as follows: “Under the motto of service – credibility – competence and while observing the company’s quality policy, deliver the customer the agreed-upon services of the agreed quality, at the agreed time and in such a way that we achieve the customer’s satisfaction”.

For Eibye Consulting quality policy, one can say in summary that the goal is a situation that can be covered under the term total quality management.

Quality assurance of the individual projects takes place through incorporated routines for planning, implementation and documentation.


Eibye Consulting has a clearly formulated environmental policy. Eibye Advice actively participates in the development and testing of ecologically advantageous elements in the construction in order to be at the forefront also in this area. The environmental and quality management in Eibye Consulting is integrated and documented in the “Quality Manual”, which can be requested at any time. An environmental report is prepared annually.

It is crucial for the company that the individual employees put the customer at the center. In other words, it is not enough that our proposed technical solutions are right. We wish and work consciously to be experienced as good business partners, who take into account the importance of good communication, flexibility, compliance with deadlines and other agreements and more.


When selling or renting, the statutory requirement is to prepare an energy label .

Energy labeling gives an overview of the property’s energy consumption.

The energy label is valid for up to 10 years, and no matter how many times a home changes the owner, the same valid energy label can be used.

Energimærkningen mister dog sin gyldighed, hvis du bygger om eller laver ændringer, der i væsentligt omfang påvirker din boligs energiforbrug.


En energimærkning er en gennemgang af en bygnings energimæssige tilstand, og består af en vurdering, der viser energiforbruget samt besparelsesforslag til forbedringer, der kan betale sig at gennemføre.

Energimærkningen udføres af certificerede energikonsulenter, som foretager vurderingen på en skala fra A-G, hvor A er det laveste energiforbrug.

Det er sælgers eller udlejers ansvar, at få lavet en energimærkning, og inden en købsaftale indgås, skal køber gøres bekendt med denne.

Hvilke bygninger skal energimærkes?

It is compulsory to label larger privately owned properties of more than 1,000 m2, and buildings of more than 250 m2 owned or used by public institutions and companies etc. This means that these properties must always have a valid energy label.

In addition, all new buildings that are over 60 m2 must be energy labeled before they are put into service.

Energy label without building review – Automatic mark

An automatic mark is a simpler energy label based on BBR information. By the following criteria it is possible to get an automatic mark:

  • If the house is a single-family house.
  • If the building is a maximum of 25 years old.
  • If the house is as energetic as it was new.
  • If the house was built in 2006 or later, and the application for a building permit has been submitted to the municipality on April 1, 2006 or later, it must furthermore be possible to answer yes that the house was energy labeled before the final notification to the municipality.

In the case of an automatic marking, a building review is not carried out as usual, which means that this is carried out at a lower price. In practice, this means that the energy consultant does not come out and make an assessment, but instead the energy labeling relies on information from the BBR and a statement that the owner himself has to fill out.

The property will be compared to other houses from the same time, so if energy improvements have been made such as. the establishment of solar cells, this cannot be seen in an automatic marking. If this is the case then it would be more advantageous to have a normal energy label made.

Fritagelse for energimærkning

Der er nogle bygninger, som ikke kræver energimærkning. Dette gælder bl.a. for tilbygninger, garager, udhuse, kolonihavehuse og bygninger, der er under 60 m2.  Desuden kan fredede bygninger også fritages.

Energimærkning af ejerlejligheder

Det er lovpligtigt at energimærke en ejerlejlighed ved salg. Hvis byggeriet består af flere etager, vil der blive udarbejdet en energimærkning for hele ejendommen.

Ejerforeningen har ansvar for at få udarbejdet denne energimærkning, så ejerne kan få det uden beregning. I denne sammenhæng kan energimærkningen også bruges til salg af andre lejligheder i bygningen, inden for gyldighedsperioden.

Energimærkning af nyopført hus

Ved et nyopført hus eller bygning, er det et krav at få det energimærket. Dette gøres efter en simplere fremgangsmåde, da der ikke udregnes energibesparende løsninger.

Generally, all newly built buildings of 60m2 or above must be energy-labeled as a control to see if the building complies with all energy requirements in the building regulations. This also applies to holiday homes, even though they no longer have to be energy-labeled when selling or renting